Rhapsodie – tape piece (composed at the studios of Musiques et Recherches)

            Metamorphosis – for piano solo and violin solo


            Second thoughts – for piano and electronics

            Wolves – for soprano and tape


             Ariadne’s thread – for piano

             made and remade – for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

             Echoes – 3 pieces for 2 cellos

             Two fragments (fragment 2) – for string quartet

             Two fragments (fragments 1 and 2) – for soprano and string quartet
on two fragments by Sappho

             Two fragments (fragment 1)  – for soprano solo
on two fragments by Sappho


             Three songs on four notes – for soprano and piano
(transcription of three songs from ‘Entre deux chemises’)

             Ruines IV (Lamento) – for piano solo (new version of ‘Lamento’)

              Ruines III – for piano solo

              Ruines II (Musique (dans le silence) de la nuit) – for piano solo

              Ruines I (Ruines … bruine … ) – for piano solo

Du reste, les beaux jours maintenant vont revenir – for flute, live electronics and ensemble

Sudden Light – for singer and (singing) dancer


Double Concerto – for double-bass and piano solo and ensemble (listen here)

Entre deux chemises – song cycle for soprano and ensemble (listen here)

Ilion – operatic scene for countertenor, tenor, mixed choir and large baroque orchestra

Méditation – for violin and live electronics

Nix – mini-concerto for piano and ensemble

Quattuor – for flute, violoncello, vibraphone and piano (listen here)

Ruimtelijke Ordening  for four flutes and reciter ad libitum

Six Haikus – for piano solo


Exstasis – for symphonic orchestra

Ataraxia – for English horn and ensemble

Sursum – for piano trio (listen here)

Bis – for piano trio

Courants d’air – for cello solo and dancer(s)

Contrepoids – for two celli


Concerto – for piano and ensemble (listen here)

Trias Carminum – for soprano and ensemble

Lamento – for piano solo (listen here) (old version)
(new version is listed under 2017)

L’Hypnose – mini-opera for baritone, soprano and ensemble


Quasi ex nihilo – for string trio


Een droom van een boek – Musical Theatre by and for children


Femia – Musical Theatre by and for children


Een Elfenreis – Musical Theatre by and for children