gillis-sacreMy musical education began at the music conservatory of my hometown Leuven (Flanders, Belgium), where I studied piano, theory and chamber music. After highschool I went to the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, where I first had a master degree in piano, and then a master degree in counterpoint and fugue.

Although it was my dream as a boy to become a composer (without exactly knowing what this meant) and although I was composing as a teenager, it was only after a stay of 6 months, in the winter of 2012-2013 in a small village in the North of Sweden that I started to study composition at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent with Frank Nuyts and Luc Brewaeys, finishing my master in 2016. During masterclasses I had courses with Patricia Montero and Juan José Torecillas (piano) and Peter Swinnen, Richard Whalley and Wim Hendrickx (composition).

During my studies in Ghent I wrote several pieces for ‘The New What Now’, a young collective in Ghent, which were performed at the ‘Vooruit’ and at the Conservatory in Ghent, as well as a pianotrio, performed by pianotrio ‘Khaldei’ and a quartet for the festival ‘Voorwaarts Maart/En avant mars’ in the ‘Bijloke’ in Ghent.

In 2015 I was a finalist of the ‘5-minute opera composition competition’ and had my 5-minute opera ‘L’hypnose’ performed at the Music Biennale Zagreb.
In 2017 my piano piece ‘Ruines … bruine …’ won the Stephan De Jonghe composition prize and was the compulsory piece for the first round of the Stephan De Jonghe piano competition.